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Antique milk-glass pendant lamps illuminate the kitchen, which sports custom cabinetry. Give a kitchen living-room elegance with a wall of framedmdasheven lighted!mdashart. Replace your funky linoleum or tile countertops with a DIY modern concrete countertop. Concrete : looks great, but make sure you properly seal and treat it, or else , it can easily stain. They did this in their bathroom, but it would work equally well in the kitchen! See the how-to here. Enter any attractive, well-designed kitchen and your attention—not surprisingly—will likely be drawn to the finely crafted wood cabinetry or gleaming appliances. You'll probably not even notice the kitchen's backsplash area, that innocuous sliver of wall running between the countertop and upper wall cabinets. A glazed ceramic tile backsplash adds visual interest and is an easy-to-clean surface that greatly enhances the overall look and functionality of the kitchen calculator3. Fixing or partial drywall replacement, installation of new kitchen flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertop, backsplash, painting and appliances installation. If you're ready to start renovating your kitchen, but want more information on how much a kitchen renovation costs, you , can book a free appointment with one of our expert kitchen designers. They'll help break down the , price of your kitchen so you'll know exactly how much it will cost to replace your old kitchen with a new one. Website design by Zena May Web Services Our Kitchen Renovation and Bathroom Renovation Craftsmanship will blow you away! Specify is you will want an indoor or outdoor job. Estimate the amount of surface repairs required. “None” will be rare for non-new construction. Minimal would mean simply cosmetic or minor holes such as picture hanging holes. Medium would indicate larger holes and cracks in the walls. Extensive would mean that there is damage throughout most spaces in the walls with significant cracking and crumbling and/or large much to renovate a kitchenAppliances can be a small or very large portion of your total remodel budget, depending on your preferences. Appliance prices run the gamut from the cost-effective, $5,000 total, to wildly expensive high-end brands, which can easily be over $50,000. The average kitchen , renovation in Los Angeles spends $10k-$15k on appliances. Don’t forget to budget for the cost of your contractor installing these appliances, which can range from $1,000-$2,000 depending on the number of appliances. And remember, installation and fitting are as important as the products, so don’t always go with the cheapest option but compare quotes. This will make it easier to see what has and hasn’t been included – and look at the installer’s work to ensure the quality of the finish meets your expectations. It all starts with planning. Much like other large purchases or home improvement jobs, it is essential that you plan. In these next paragraphs we will introduce a few key questions, coming up with realistic answers to these are vital to the success of your kitchen renovation and ending up with a finished product that makes you happy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg."""""""""



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